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Shave My Pet Release Form

I have asked the groomers at Aussie Pet Mobile NW Minneapolis to ‘shave’ my dogs’ hair off. I understand that ‘shaving’ means to remove up to 90% of my dogs hair with a clipper and short blade. My dogs coat will be very short and smooth. My dog may even appear to look naked. I understand what a ‘shaved’ dog looks like.

I understand that ‘shaving’ my dog may change the color of the coat and, or texture of the fur, depending on the breed and coat type.

The groomers at Aussie Pet Mobile have also informed me that in some cases dogs that have been ‘shaved’ very short may suffer from one or more of the side effects listed below:

Clipper Irritation: After being ‘shaved’ to a very short length, some dogs with sensitive skin could develop a rash from clipper irritation.

Skin Problems: When a dog’s coat is cut too short, ingrown hairs can develop that can cause painful bumps or lesions. If the dog is already prone to skin problems such as dryness or sensitivity, shaving will only make those problems worse.

Sunburn: Removing the double coat, remove the protective layer of hair on your pet and exposes them to harmful UV rays and a higher risk for sunburn to their skin.

Coat Damage: The two layers of a dog’s coat – the dense, softer undercoat and the long, coarse guard layer – grow at different rates, and shaving the layers off together can permanently damage the coat so it is no longer balanced to provide adequate insulation and protection. As a result, the coat may grow back in uneven patches or may have a ragged, unkempt texture that cannot be groomed appropriately.

Shaving a pet often exposes pre-existing skin conditions or sores. Shaving such may cut or irritate the skin. We do not pay vet bills for eye irritations, skin rashes, cuts, skin irritations, repairing broken skin due to scratching, licking, chewing, or pets that shiver/hide. These are common responses to shave downs. While the groomer will employ the greatest care to avoid such events, they can and do occur in shave downs.

Rug Burn: Some dogs may go home after being ‘shaved’ short and rub their face, rear, or body along a rug, chair, sofa, or bed causing rug burn, a red irritated area on the skin where they have rubbed.

Scratches marks: Some dogs that have been ‘shaved’ short may go home and scratch with their freshly clipped nails and cause red welts and scratches on their body where they have scratched themselves.

Embarrassment: Some dogs have been known to become embarrassed and hide after having all of their fur ‘shaved’ and removed.

I have read and understand all the above. I have been informed by the groomers at Aussie Pet Mobile that my dogs coat is in good condition and does not have to be ‘shaved’. It is my decision to ‘shave’ my dog short. I give the groomers at Aussie Pet Mobile permission to shave my dog.

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